The Opportunity

In an expansive luxury hospitality industry, 1 Hotels stands out for purpose-driven work and the coexistence of sustainability and profitability.

The impact of your band is undeniable, and the fact that guests are changing their habits to integrate sustainable practices into their daily lives after staying is monumental.

While this success is tremendous, there is currently no comprehensive way to tell a compelling story about 1 Hotels, and the opportunity to leverage this ethos to bolster your business is being missed.


CatalystCreativ sees advertising as a tool for cultivating the highest levels of engagement with your consumer, and we will create a custom curriculum to establish 1Hotels as the thought leader and foremost aspirational brand when it comes to mission-driven luxury.

In order to educate and inspire your audience about mission-driven luxury, we recommend:

  1. Custom Brand Workshop

  2. Communication Strategy

  3. Social Media Strategy

  4. Microsite Development

  5. Experiential & Programming Strategy

Custom Brand Workshop

CatalystCreativ will lead your team through a custom workshop. We empower each team member to make their voice heard in a targeted discussion that provides us all the knowledge we need to create a cohesive curriculum.

During the workshop, we will:

  • Spend a day with your team and three CatalystCreativ team members

  • Explore trends of today’s consumer and cause marketing, and assess how your value proposition addresses them

  • Identify your pain points and devise creative solutions to overcome them

  • Extract untapped capabilities and goals to inform the next phases of our partnership

Outputs include

  • Synthesized notes of our workshop findings

  • Campaign concepts to create deep engagement with your audience

  • Tactical strategies for establishing 1 Hotels as the thought leader in mission-driven luxury

  • A detailed timeline to guide our partnership

Communication Strategy

Once your goals and strategies have been established in the Custom Brand Workshop, CatalystCreativ will work with your team to devise a Communication Strategy that establishes 1 Hotels as the industry leader in mission-driven luxury. Services include:

  • Provide a digital content manual to follow for all 1 Hotels communications, with the goal of educating and inspiring your audience about mission-driven luxury

    • What you will communicate on each digital channel, to what audience, and for what purpose

  • Establish a voice and storytelling arc unique to 1 Hotels

    • Provide corresponding tone guidelines tailored to each channel of communication

  • Create a newsletter strategy to share stories and communicate clear calls to action

    • Copywriting, scheduling and ghostwriting

  • Copywriting and design of case studies, pitch decks, brochures, and other marketing materials

Social Media Strategy

Social media will be an invaluable tool for telling your story, and all of our social media efforts will be intentionally crafted to direct viewers to 1 Hotels for all mission-driven luxury experiences.

Exact concepts and campaign ideas will be an output of the Custom Brand Workshop, but additional CatalystCreativ services include:

  • Full social media content strategy
  • Original branded content creation tailored per social channel

    • Emphasis on user-generated content campaigns

    • Highlight other mission driven luxury spaces surrounding 1 Hotel properties

  • Social media community management

  • Paid media strategy

    • Strategy, copy, & image creation for paid & organic ads on all social platforms

    • Targeted by interest & demographics

  • Real-time strategy pivots

  • KPI establishment & measurement

Microsite Development

We will utilize a microsite* as the campaign hub, allowing physical experience and digital campaign to hang cohesively together in one place online. A microsite behaves as a small, easy to navigate website to laser beam a brand or campaign to consumers. Users will be enticed to the microsite by engaging campaign and brand content such as:

  • Telling the story of 1 Hotels as a mission-driven thought leader in the luxury hospitality space

  • Explaining and defining what 1 Hotels stands for with a call to action for people to learn more and share on the brand’s behalf

  • Featuring content and posts from the community about their experience with 1 Hotels and other mission-driven luxury spaces

    • Both in-person attendees and members of the online community

  • Showcasing video content

    • Interview series

    • Manifesto and inspirational video to motivate people to participate in the conversation

  • Links to guide users to 1 Hotels’ social media platforms

*Potential domain name:

Experiential & Programming Strategy

In addition to digital communication strategy, we see great potential in experiential programming opportunities for 1 Hotels. We recognize that digital strategy informs programming and vice versa. We plan to utilize this loop to create a unified brand platform. Exact experiential concepts are an output of the Custom Brand Workshop, but services include:

  • Strategy for and execution of impact-focused events

    • Non-profit galas, benefits, and happy hours

    • Speaker Series

    • Community Gatherings


*Exact prices will depend on services requested

  • Custom Brand Workshop: $15,000

    • One-day workshop with CatalystCreativ CEO

    • Find strong points and pain points within Americares

    • Gain insight into the Americares brand

  • Communication, Social and Content Strategy : $10,000 one time fee

    • Full social media strategy

    • Brand messaging, voice and tone

    • KPI establishment, monitoring and reporting

    • Specifically targeted paid social campaign strategy

  • Paid Social Budget: Recommended minimum $1,000 per month

  • Paid Social Media Management: 25% of total ad expenditure

  • Experiential Production: starting at $15,000

  • Microsite: Starts at $35,000

  • Website architecture and strategy

  • Site design, branding, and communications

  • Technical management and development

  • Testing for QA, mobile responsiveness, analytics, etc

Thank you!

We are thrilled at the opportunity to tell the story of 1 Hotels.