Campaign Recap:

Campaign Goal

Drive awareness and sales for Biossance, as well as awareness of the 2,000 harmful ingredients in U.S. skin care brands by leveraging the collective reach and engagement of 2,000 micro-influencers.

Campaign Strategy

  • Each micro-influencer will share an image of her choosing on Instagram, along with a caption in this format: “I turn for the better because __________. #2000Reasons”
  • Insert her own reason for using clean skincare products.
    • Ex: “I turn for the better because nothing is more important than my health”

Marketing Goal

  • Drive awareness around the 2,000 harmful ingredients among existing Biossance customers and customers who don’t know of Biossance yet

Overview of Services:

Thus far, CatalystCreativ has

  • Pitched and created the #2000Reasons campaign concept, which has since been adapted to include the “turn for the better” messaging
  • Completed multiple content strategies, pitches, and timelines, as well as revisions of these
  • Participated in at least 2 calls weekly
  • Invested 150+ hours into this campaign

The Opportunity:

The campaign concept isn’t resonating with people, and it’s making onboarding influencers very difficult. The feedback we are getting is:

  • The campaign is so tied to a for-profit brand that people don’t feel compelled to share
  • The “turn for the better” narrative isn’t resonating and feels forced
  • No one is willing to post for free on behalf of a brand, especially when most of them will not receive product

What’s Working:

The only people who are saying yes are those already familiar with your brand or very active in the “clean beauty” space.

Our first approach was to get 2,000 microinfluencers of varying interests to participate, but we’re now seeing we’ll need to take a hyper-targeted approach to onboard people who are:

  1. Already seen as active influencers in the clean beauty space
  2. Are used to being approached for brand campaigns
  3. Have a more active and targeted following who is more likely to be interested in Biossance
            a. Campaign average of 2,000 followers 

The Pivot:

The only way to engage people around such a brand-focused campaign and assure that they actually post is to provide a small monetary incentive.

In exchange for this higher investment you get:

  • High quality influencers
  • 6% engagement guaranteed
  • Tracking links that report how much traffic each influencer has sent to your site
  • Hyper targeted sharing that hits the exact demographics you want
    • Age range
    • Interests
    • Geographic area
    • Beauty and lifestyle behaviors

The Cost:

To deliver this campaign in a way that significantly impacts your brand awareness and drives web traffic as well as sales, we are requesting a budget of $50,000.