Since 1944, the Brevard Music Center has been a cultural stronghold and a vital resource for musically gifted youth. These kids are fortunate to have such a passionate organization to serve as their home away from home for the summers, and CatalystCreativ would be honored to support your work.

CatalystCreativ aims to forge lasting and meaningful relationships between Brevard and its alumni with a comprehensive digital strategy that converts your community from passive consumers to active participants.


CatalystCreativ will be the creative engine behind the following initiatives:

  1. Brand Acupuncture Workshop

  2. Experiential Strategy

Brand Acupuncture Workshop

CatalystCreativ will lead your executive team and marketers through a custom full-day workshop with our CEO and a Director-level member. The goal of this workshop is to make your team sit forward and engage with your brand. We empower each team member to make their voice heard in a targeted discussion that provides us all the in-depth knowledge we need to create a curriculum that will tell your story holistically.

During the workshop, we will:

  • Give each team member a safe space to actively engage their strengths and ensure you are optimizing all of your team's resources

  • Bridge any generational gaps in your organization to establish clear communication and maximize creativity

  • Explore millennial trends and assess how your value proposition addresses them

  • Identify your pain points and devise creative solutions to overcome them

  • Extract untapped capabilities, key brand qualities, goals, and campaign concepts to inform the next phases of our partnership


Digital Strategy

To target your alumni, we recommend a digital campaign that makes them the hero of the story and invites them to share their treasured memories at Brevard.

Actual campaign concepts will be an output of the Brand Acupuncture Workshop, but a sample campaign concept to help achieve your goals is #IAmBrevard. Facets of the #IAmBrevard campaign include:

  • Brevard can curate a mini video series which tells compelling stories of Brevard alumni. Each video should beautifully depict their artistic skill, along with an interview that asks them how their time at Brevard shaped them today.
    • Video content is the most powerful and shareable medium on social media, and displays high digital engagement, particularly on Facebook. 
    • Note that video subjects should represent a diverse array of backgrounds, genders, races, ethnicities, etc.
  • Brevard can launch this video series across all digital channels, including a landing page on the website and an email blast, with a call to action for their community to share their own experiences of Brevard summers with the #IAmBrevard tag.
  • Brevard can share the best submissions on their social media and website, and bolster this content with a light paid advertising spend, a blog strategy, and newsletter strategy.
  • At the end of the campaign, the best content can be compiled and showcased at a celebratory alumni fundraiser event, in a digital fundraising campaign, or even at the end of the summer music festival.



*Exact prices will depend on services requested

  1. Brand Acupuncture Workshop: $10,000

    1. Full day workshop with CEO + Director-level member of CatalystCreativ

    2. Delivery of synthesized notes and outputs

    3. Development of subsequent digital strategy and any other action items

  2. Digital Strategy: $20,000 to $75,000

    1. Full social media strategy

    2. Tone and voice branding guidelines

    3. Community management, if desired

    4. Original branded content creation tailored per social channel

    5. Video content creaiton

    6. Paid media

      • Strategy, copy, & image creation for paid & organic ads on all social platforms

      • Dark posts

      • Targeted by interest & demographics

    7. Data tracking & performance analysis

    8. Real-time strategy pivots

    9. KPI establishment & measurement

Thank you!

We are thrilled at the opportunity to tell the story of Enterprise for Youth and rally support around the community it serves.