Since 1969, Enterprise for Youth has been a cultural stronghold and a vital resource for San Francisco’s youth. The city is so fortunate to have such a passionate organization to prepare their youth to enter the working world, and CatalystCreativ would be honored to support your organization.

CatalystCreativ aims to connect the public to Enterprise for Youth with a comprehensive digital strategy that tells your compelling story in a fresh way, revitalizes your brand, and ushers in a new era of supporters of the Enterprise for Youth.


CatalystCreativ will be the creative engine behind the following initiatives:

  1. Custom Brand Workshop

  2. Comprehensive Rebrand

  3. Communication Strategy

  4. Website Overhaul

  5. Experiential Strategy

Custom Brand Workshop

CatalystCreativ will lead your executive team and marketers through a custom full-day workshop with our CEO and a Director-level member. The goal of this workshop is to engage your team in a targeted discussion that provides us all the in-depth knowledge we need to market your brand effectively.

During the workshop, we will:

  • Dive deep into your brand with the people who know it best

  • Analyze your value proposition and current digital landscape

  • Establish long and short term marketing goals

  • Lay a roadmap for a new digital strategy

  • Identify key values and learnings from today’s consumer and how that aligns with the Enterprise for Youth brand

At the end of our session, we will have extracted untapped capabilities, key brand qualities, goals and campaign concepts to inform the next phases of our partnership.

Comprehensive Rebrand

Our skilled Creative Director will complete a full audit of your visual identity and provide striking new design that honors your foundation while parlaying your image into the future. Services include:

  • New logo with rounds of edits

  • Updated visual identity across all digital platforms

  • Brand guidelines

    • Color schemes

    • Font selections

  • Guidelines per each digital platform

Communication Strategy

CatalystCreativ will work with your team to devise a communication strategy that will compellingly tell your story externally, and effectively support your processes internally. Our team will build out a full arsenal of content to be used across all your digital platforms, so you’ll be set up for success long after our partnership comes to a close.

Services include:

  • Overarching brand content and strategy that compels viewers to learn about these young people and take action to support them

  • Establish a voice and storytelling arc unique to Enterprise for Youth

    • Provide corresponding tone guidelines tailored to each channel of communication

  • Creation and execution of a newsletter strategy to share stories and communicate clear calls to action

    • Copywriting of new content, and ghostwriting when applicable

  • Copywriting and Design of case studies and other marketing materials

  • Social Media strategy across all channels

    • Full social media content strategy

    • Tone and voice branding guidelines

    • Original branded content creation tailored per social channel

    • Paid media Strategy

      • Strategy, copy, & image creation for paid & organic ads on all social platforms

      • Dark posts

      • Targeted by interest & demographics

    • Data tracking & performance analysis

    • Paid vs organic growth assessment

    • Real-time strategy pivots

    • KPI establishment & measurement

Website Overhaul

Our team members have become experts at revitalizing websites for legacy brands, providing them with a site that acts as a functional fund and awareness-raising tool all on its own. Our goal is to provide a website that tells your story and immediately gets viewers involved. We propose:

  • Synthesis to streamline all website communications

    • Internal content audit

    • Synthesis of the most important communications

    • Re-housing of secondary information

  • Full design overhaul

    • New visual identity for website

    • New wireframes and visual organization

    • Streamlined user interface

  • Full content overhaul

    • Copywriting of all website content

    • Maintain the integrity of your storied past, but brighten the language to feel more relevant

Experiential Strategy

No brand strategy is complete without a plan for experiences. CatalystCreativ will help you determine how experiences fold into your brand narrative to engage potential donors in an authentic way. Services include:

  • Regular consulting calls with our experienced Senior Vice President

  • Establishment of unique events that are scalable to become recurring if you choose

  • Fundraising events best practices and tools

  • Execution of all experiential services including:

    • Strategy & programming

    • Budget & timeline advising

    • Venue scouting

    • Production advising

    • Production schedule

    • Experiential communication services

    • Guest list management

    • Staffing

    • Vendor management

    • Entertainment & talent management

    • Full scale planning for ground-breaking ceremony

*Please note that event production costs are not included in this proposal.


*Exact prices will depend on services requested

  1. Custom Brand Workshop: $10,000

  2. Comprehensive Rebrand: To be decided based on client's needs

  3. Communication Strategy & Consulting: $10,000 to $20,000 per month

  4. Website Overhaul:

    1. Communications Overhaul: $10,000

    2. Design: To be decided based on complexity of site

  5. Experiential Strategy: $20,000 to $50,000

Thank you!

We are thrilled at the opportunity to tell the story of Enterprise for Youth and rally support around the community it serves.