The Opportunity

At its core, FinFun stands for providing a fun, safe and empowering experience for youth while encouraging them to imagine a brighter, more magical future of which they themselves are the creators.

CatalystCreativ is thrilled at the opportunity to leverage social media to tell your story and communicate your values to engage a broader audience of customers.


To begin our partnership, we have provided:

  1. Initial Social Media Audit

  2. Communications Strategy Proposal

  3. Social Media Consulting Proposal

Initial Social Media Audit


  • There is a lot of great content being used here, all pointing back to the mermaid theme. Doing a great job at sourcing relevant third party content.

  • Engagement with content is low, considering more than 123K followers

  • Recommendations:

    • Focus on direct engagement tactics -- it appears that Fin Fun has a very interested fan base, but engagement is relatively low on static content. Recommend a focus on developing tactics that engage that existing audience, encourages participation and fosters community

    • Video is high performing, would recommend leveraging that content type more by investing in the development of a series of bite-size videos that are on theme

      • If production is cost prohibitive, then a focus on motion graphics to capture attention in feeds

    • It appears that users/customers like to share photos -- host more opportunities to build and gather customer created content, which can then be repurposed as posts

    • Leverage very small budgets to boost posts so that the appear to more individuals that are interested in Mermaid culture, this is a growing fanbase, especially right now. Leveraging that growth is key.

    • Engage with influencers and micro-influencers in the mermaid social community


  • Great, on theme, content here as well

  • Engagement rate is much higher here, most likely because more of the young girls in the Fin Fun target demographic are utilizing the platform

  • Recommendations:

    • Believe that could further evangelize the mermaid community audience. Tell the story of the “feeling” that fins give to girls -- Fin Fun makes mermaid dreams come true, a focus on that narrative and engaging posts that tell that story

    • A heavy focus on video, this content type outperforms static content by more than 50%

    • A focus on encouraging the submissions of user generated content, via contests, giveaways and organic community building posts

    • Development of additional elevated content -- photos of people using the fins in beautiful environments and having “mermaid experiences” to further reinforce the “dream” of being a mermaid and speak to the mermaid community

    • Engage with influencers and micro-influencers in the mermaid social community



  • Repurposed content from Facebook



  • New videos do receive a good amount of views relatively quickly, would encourage the creation of video series that are less promotionally focused and more focused on the mermaid experience and/or user generated content

Communication Strategy

CatalystCreativ will work with your team to devise a Communication Strategy to differentiate Fin Fun as the safest and most inspiring option amongst its competitors. Services include:

  • Provide a digital content manual to follow for all Fin Fun communications

    • I.e. what you will communicate on each digital channel, to what audience, and for what purpose

  • Establish a voice and storytelling arc unique to Fin Fun

    • Provide corresponding tone guidelines tailored to each channel of communication

  • Create a newsletter strategy to share stories and communicate clear calls to action

    • Copywriting of new content, scheduling, and ghostwriting when applicable

  • Copywriting and design of case studies, pitch decks, brochures, and other marketing materials

Social Media Consulting

CatalystCreativ’s social media team have expertise in the latest strategies for driving leads and creating deep digital engagement. We offer varying levels of involvement, depending on your team’s needs.


Tier 1:

  • In-depth audit of all social media channels

  • A campaign idea and strategy designed to meet your specific goals

    • Strategy developed for each social channel

    • Paid social strategy

  • Social media advising

    • A social media handbook customized for your brand

    • Best practices for your team to put into practice

    • Social media strategic tactics

    • Tone and voice branding guidelines


Tier 2:

  • All services in tier 1

  • Real-time strategy pivots

  • KPI establishment & measurement with bi-weekly reporting

  • Weekly calls with your community manager


  • Communications Strategy + Tier 1 Social Media Consulting: $4,500 per month

  • Communications Strategy + Tier 2 Social Media Consulting: $5,000 per month

Thank you!

We would be delighted to help Fin Fun reach its next chapter of success