The Opportunity

Meditation is a topic our team is particularly passionate about, and we are thrilled at the chance to get the word out about Headspace’s meditation experience.

CatalystCreativ specializes in building stronger brands, and that starts by understanding the team that built them. We focus on creating brand curriculum that effectively aligns external communication with internal brand narrative.


  1. Improve digital offerings to attract a modern digital audience

  2. Ideate fresh experiential and digital storytelling initiatives and campaigns

  3. Frame Headspace as the go-to and accessible app for meditation


We envision a three-part strategy to drive downloads and create buzz:

  1. Physical Activations

  2. Digital Activations & PR

  3. Partnerships

Physical Activations

We have found immense success with past clients by creating unique, memorable events, but we know this is not enough. Our team captures the live event and curates a content package that can be used to generate awareness in the digital space for months to come. Our ideas are:

  • Host “meditation mobs” in normally busy areas across several cities (ie WTC Oculus, Grand Central Station, The Grove) to capture attention, and offer demos of the app afterward.

  • Feature a meditation lounge equipped with GoPro’s at Life is Beautiful Festival for their hundreds of thousands of attendees to have respite from the intensity of the music festival. Artists can meditate in the room before going onstage.

  • Pop up meditation stations in major cities around the US where guests can sit inside a noise-proof box in a busy area and meditate with the app.

  • Host “virtual getaways” in major cities that don’t have certain tranquil environments, like a beach meditation in Denver and a mountainous meditation in Miami.

  • Host a series of chill parties, like silent discos for meditation, that have a focus on meditation and wellness. See the growing popularity of wellness & alcohol-free parties here and here.

  • Guerilla meditation campaigns in which meditators flood the most stressful environments (ie NY Stock Exchange) to meditate and demo the app.

  • Go into stressful work environments and get people who would never try meditation to test out the app, and draw attention to increased workplace productivity.

Digital Activations & PR

Our digital campaigns are engineered to make a tangible impact on your business. In addition to converting moments from all physical activations into shareable content, we envision:

  • Partnering with a full-scale PR firm to maximize press relations:

    • Invitations to all physical events

    • Targeting press-heavy markets

    • Op-eds and article coverage

    • Press releases

  • Connect with major youtube influencers such as Whine About It for funny collaborative videos that target an audience unlikely to be avid meditators.

  • Short, Instagram-length video series of people meditating in unlikely iconic places (ie Lincoln Memorial steps, edge of skyscraper, on a plane, at the airport, on a college campus, etc), captured via drone footage.

  • Instagram submission contest in which people submit pictures of their “happy place.” Winners get to see their meditation spot made into a VR destination on the Headspace app.

  • Meditation for Skeptics Instagram competition: People can nominate and tag someone to try meditation, and the best posts get invited to one of the physical experiences or get a free download.


Strategic partnerships with established brands are a huge help to any digital campaign, and our relationships with the following partners would be both effective and easy to actualize.

  • Partner with WeWork to host demos in 10 major cities around the country

  • Partner with festivals such as Global Citizen Festival and Life is Beautiful Festival

Case Studies

CatalystCreativ has extensive experience bridging generational gaps, both internally and externally. We work one-on-one with our clients in a coaching capacity to honor your foundation while building your future. We never assume change is needed for the sake of change, but believe that brand evolution is natural and crucial for survival.

The following case studies outline work examples in which our team has communicated to highly targeted demographics within one organization to include everyone in the conversation.

The Nature Conservancy: Each year, CatalystCreativ has concepted, designed, and produced TNC's national gathering of the Conservancy’s most important trustees and staff of all ages in Washington D.C. Our team curates an original theme and aesthetic for each year, including conference branding guidelines, logo, signage, invitations, graphics, and presentations. Full case study here.

Foundation Fighting Blindness: CatalystCreativ initiated the first-ever digital campaign and fundraiser for this 40 year old nonprofit, resulting in a reach of 55.3 million people, 300% digital community growth, & widespread influencer participation all to engage a new generation of FFB donors. Full case study here.

NPR: Generation Listen: CatalystCreativ was hired to bridge the generation gap between NPR's listeners. We rallied a community of millennials around an otherwise aging brand by launching a millennial platform in key cities, complete with engaging viral content & immersive experiences.Learn more here.


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We are thrilled at the opportunity to tell the story of Headspace.