A consumer's experience with a brand falls under two categories: memorable or not. Our team has partnered with brands like Coca-Cola, Dell, NPR and W Hotels, to engage today’s most powerful consumers - Millennials - and ensure that their brand's impact on this target audience is an indelible one.

CatalystCreativ is an experience studio. We bring your brand to life - and to the people driving your business - across platforms that are hands on and hearts on. Consider us your brand acupuncturists. With careful examination of your brand identity, we'll find the specific pressure points needing attention.


We specialize in Millennial and Generation Z engagement.

We increase engagement for audiences - particularly, Millennial and Generation Z. After all, we know just how they think. Proud Millennials ourselves, we are in tune to the wants and needs of these generations, who are reshaping the way companies do business.

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We serve clients who make big impact and make top dollar.

Encouraging consumers to become active participants in bettering the world is important to us. That’s why we work with organizations who care about a greater good in addition to their bottom line.

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We love our craft and thrive at it too.

Our team has backgrounds in education, events, marketing, and graphic design but we’re no motley crew. We’re collaborative experiential marketers. Our passions and talents drive excellence into designing your brand experience.

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