Amanda Slavin - CEO & Founder

Avid Traveler | Philanthropic Advisor | Forever Teacher | Kale Enthusiast

Location: Las Vegas & Los Angeles

I believe that every person deserves a chance to be inspired, and creating more active participants in the world is my mission in life. I have a weird background, receiving my Masters in Education/Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on engagement, only to find myself in Events and Hospitality for years in NYC. I have an intrinsic nature to learn more about people; I care so much about people’s stories and what makes them tick, which leads me to live life in a way that is overly curious and passionate about everyone I speak to.

At CatalystCreativ, I get to work with people, brands and partners I love and believe in. I get to create partnerships with companies that care about the future of their organizations and the world. I get to use all of my skills, whether it be from teaching, marketing, strategy, engagement or events and apply them to the work we do everyday. I get to live my dream.

In the past, I graduated Cum Laude from the Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut with a MA in Curriculum and Instruction. I wrote my thesis on engagement and co-created a metrics of the seven levels of engagement. I worked as the Director of Marketing and Events at Paige Group, a premier hospitality company in NYC where I built the events and marketing department, and am still a partner in one of their properties, 121 Fulton Street. I was the producer of the Global Citizen Festival in 2012, the 60,000 person festival in Central Park to end Global Poverty, and am on the advisory boards of I AM THAT GIRL, Mama Hope, Global Citizen Festival, and NPR Generation Listen. I have written for Huffington Post, Inc, Wall Street Journal, and Business Insider among other publications.

Robert Fowler - Senior Vice President

World Traveler | Cook | Experience Creator | Family Man

Location: Atlanta & New York City

Creating experiences has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Gainesville, GA I was always ready to help my mom entertain, host a family get together, or decorate the house for whatever the next holiday was. That continues today. No matter where I find myself in the world, I am always connecting individuals, seeking new experiences, planning a dinner party, finding a new restaurant or reconnecting with old friends from the past.

At CatalystCreativ, I get to work with my best friends. I help create experiences that lead a lasting impression while working with colleagues that are now my family. How many people can say that?! I feel blessed every single day.

In the past, I worked for American Designers Ralph Lauren and John Varvatos, and was the Executive Vice President of McNabb Roick Events where I created experiences for many Fortune 500 companies including JPMorgan Chase & CO., American Express, IMG Fashion, Pfizer, The James Blake Foundation, and numerous Broadway Theatre productions. Since graduating from Furman University, I have lived in Charlotte, NC - East Hampton, NY - New York City - Chicago, IL - Singapore - and I now split my time between New York City and Atlanta, GA.

Mike Mason - Creativ Director

Logo Fanatic | Sports Guy | Brand Strategist | UConn Alum

Location: Philadelphia

When I was little I used to create imaginary team names for the NBA. I didn’t just create a name - I went a step beyond to create a logo, court, and uniform design all at the same time. I was hooked on this stuff. My love for design never transcribed to official schooling or a degree, but it’s been my passion since I was just a kid.

At CatalystCreativ, I get to meld my passion for design with my knack for creativity and background in marketing in so many different areas. Some days I’m helping a sport client with a new logo, some I’m helping develop a brand identity for a new app, and some I’m working on innovative experiences to pitch to new clients - you never know what’s coming next. My proudest moment at CatalystCreativ has been the creation of the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl brand that debuted on ESPN on December 24, 2014.

In the past, I received both my Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Master’s degree in Sport Marketing from the University of Connecticut (Go Huskies). I have been fortunate to work in marketing roles for companies such as Aetna and IMG Sports, in addition to three years in college athletics at UConn.

Lindsay Robb - Manager of Communication & Ideation

Mountain ScalerIdea Generator | Roadtrip Enthusiast | Constant Learner

Location: Portland

I've been described as "aggresively compassionate", a term that sums up a passion for philanthropy that's been with me since I was a child. I grew up in a family of avid volunteers and whether I was training seeing eye dogs, planting trees in LA, or running a summercamp for kids, I was happiest when I was giving back. I have always known that my career needed to tap into this side of my passions in order for me to be satisfied, and I'm so lucky to have found that in Catalyst!

At CatalystCreativ I get to wear many hats! I brainstorm creative ways for us to serve our clients and work closely with Evelyn to write copy and eventually bring these ideas to life. I also manage the company's social media and most importantly, interact with a powerhouse team that keeps me motivated and laughing throughout my work week. I'm pretty sure I'm the world's luckiest employee.

In the past, I graduated from Chapman University in sunny SoCal with Bachelor's degrees in both Communications and Education in the Global Community. These programs gave me a diverse skillset which I've put to use with a few organizations. I've been actively involved with I Am That Girl, an incredible nonprofit that's changing girl culture. I've also worked in cause marketing at Sevenly Inc., where I worked in influencer programing and charity relations.

Thomas Fiss - Director of Brand Partnerships

Music Lover | Marketing Guru | Technology Enthusiast | Road Tripper

Location: Las Vegas

I have a sincere passion for disruptive innovation within music and marketing industries. My core strength is my ability to seek out, create and implement strategic partnerships and events that allow companies to target key audiences and create lasting impressions, supported by data & analytics. Each component works in harmony to maximize exposure and potential revenue streams.

At CatalystCreativ I support brand partnerships, sponsorships, and activations for the Life is Beautiful music festival.

As a co-founder at, I've been called upon to develop and manage overarching music-based partnerships and strategy for several Fortune 500 companies, major label groups, and talent management companies. As a previously signed artist on Capitol Records and current verified social influencer, I have the unique perspective and experience to leverage the value proposition of each program throughout the greater social eco-system in order to expedite the decision-making and negotiating processes with any activation.

For business inquiries, please contact Larry Slavin, our Director of Business Development at