The Opportunity

At its core, Runa stands for supporting sustainable communities and environmental efforts while providing a high-quality tea. We wholeheartedly believe in the incredible work you do, and we share your vision. We would be honored to support that vision, and are thrilled to share our ideas with you.

CatalystCreativ specializes in building stronger brands, and that starts by understanding the team that built them. We focus on creating brand curriculum that effectively aligns external communication with internal brand narrative.


  1. Improve digital offerings to attract a modern digital audience

  2. Continuously ideate fresh digital storytelling initiatives and campaigns

  3. Frame Runa Tea as a healthy and sustainable drink option -- good for the planet, the people of the planet, and our bodies


CatalystCreativ will be the creative engine behind the following initiatives:

  1. Internal Brand Workshop

  2. Communications Strategy

  3. Social Media Plan

Internal Brand Workshop

CatalystCreativ will lead your executive team and marketers through a custom full-day workshop with our CEO and a Director-level member. The goal of this workshop is to make your team sit forward and engage with your brand. We empower each team member to make their voice heard in a targeted discussion that provides us all the in-depth knowledge we need to create a curriculum that will tell your story holistically.

During the workshop, we will:

  • Give each team member a safe space to actively engage their strengths and ensure you are optimizing all of your team's resources

  • Establish clear communication and maximize creativity

  • Explore millennial trends and assess how your value proposition addresses them

  • Identify your pain points and devise creative solutions to overcome them

  • Extract untapped capabilities, key brand qualities, goals, and campaign concepts to inform the next phases of our partnership

  • Lay the foundation for a custom curriculum to educate your multiple audiences

Communication Strategy

CatalystCreativ will work with your team to devise a communication strategy that will compellingly tell your story externally, and support your processes internally. We will cultivate a strategy that allows you to effectively communicate with and relate to your target audience. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources to do so successfully long after our partnership comes to a close. Services include:

  • Overarching brand content and strategy that fits the framework of your brand curriculum and compels millennials and older generations alike to actively engage with your brand

  • Establish a voice and storytelling arc unique to Runa 

    • Provide corresponding tone guidelines tailored to each channel of communication

  • Copywriting and Design of case studies and other marketing materials

Social Media Plan

  • Social Media strategy across all channels

    • Full social media content strategy

    • Tone and voice branding guidelines

    • Original branded content creation tailored per social channel

    • Paid media Strategy

      • Strategy, copy, & image creation for paid & organic ads on all social platforms

      • Dark posts

      • Targeted by interest & demographics

    • Data tracking & performance analysis

    • Paid vs organic growth assessment

    • Real-time strategy pivots

    • KPI establishment & measurement


Case Studies


CatalystCreativ has extensive experience bridging generational gaps, both internally and externally. We work one-on-one with our clients in a coaching capacity to honor your foundation while building your future. We never assume change is needed for the sake of change, but believe that brand evolution is natural and crucial for survival.

The following case studies outline work examples in which our team has communicated to highly targeted demographics within one organization to include everyone in the conversation.

The Nature Conservancy: Each year, CatalystCreativ has concepted, designed, and produced TNC's national gathering of the Conservancy’s most important trustees and staff of all ages in Washington D.C. Our team curates an original theme and aesthetic for each year, including conference branding guidelines, logo, signage, invitations, graphics, and presentations. Full case study here.

Foundation Fighting Blindness: CatalystCreativ initiated the first-ever digital campaign and fundraiser for this 40 year old nonprofit, resulting in a reach of 55.3 million people, 300% digital community growth, & widespread influencer participation all to engage a new generation of FFB donors. Full case study here.

NPR: Generation Listen: CatalystCreativ was hired to bridge the generation gap between NPR's listeners. We rallied a community of millennials around an otherwise aging brand by launching a millennial platform in key cities, complete with engaging viral content & immersive experiences.Learn more here.



*Exact prices will depend on services requested

  1. Custom Brand Workshop: $10,000

  2. Communication Strategy: $10,000 one time fee

  3. Social Media Plan: $10,000 per month

Thank you!

We are thrilled at the opportunity to tell the story of Runa.