The Opportunity:

At its core, Town Residential stands for forging meaningful human connections by enhancing the human experience of purchasing a home. Consumers are hungry for just this type of meaningful, authentic interaction with a brand.

So how does Town Residential showcase several elements of its identity and convey the core values that set it apart from its competitors?


Activate the user journey to purchase real estate with the following actions:

  • Research
  • Visit
  • Ask Friends
  • Find Neighborhood


Our goal will be to optimize digital audience engagement through a "Loyalty Loop": Consider --> Evaluate --> Buy --> Enjoy --> Advocate --> Bond


  • Ad Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Design Guidelines and Strategy
  • Comms of Microsite

Our team are experts on creating engagement between the right consumers and brands. We would be honored to help showcase Town Residential's:

  1. Human connection- We will determine a communications strategy for Town to showcase how they operate differently, focusing on the person before the sale
  2. Connection to a person’s experience- We will create a microsite that mimics the user’s journey in the real estate purchase. Town becomes the buyer’s main resource, showing empathy for the pressure the individual may feel when making such a big decision
  3. Relevance- We will determine an experiential strategy around optimizing in-person experiences and returning to the concept of “your journey home.” CatalystCreativ will design experiences and partnerships that highlight the narrative of investing time and energy into your home. Examples include
  • Interior Designers series that feature interviews, tips, and exclusive partnerships
  • Pop up Dinner Series in different apartments with artists and chefs
  • Content Strategy to harvest as much content as possible from experiences and provide partners with social recaps to share with their audiences on the importance of investing in your home


CatalystCreativ will build out (domain available for $3000) to create a trusted source in connecting with the user throughout the entire journey.

A microsite behaves as a small, easy to navigate website to laser beam a brand or campaign to consumers.

About: will be a repository of the user experience.  CatalystCreativ will ideate, strategize, and work with Town to execute on this concept that walks the user through the journey and provides resources wherever they are. Features include:

  • Questionnaire asking the user where are they on your journey home, and providing corresponding action steps
  • Interviews and exclusive content with industry professionals and designers
  • Video Series with different people who are on their #journeytohome
  • Photo Shoots
  • Instagram Feed featuring UGC posts
    • Asking people to share where they are on their #journeytohome
  • Sweepstakes

Monthly Consulting:

To ensure an effective and cohesive forward-facing experience across all of Town’s digital channels, CatalystCreativ will provide monthly consulting that includes robust:

  • Ad Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Design Guidelines and Strategy
  • Communications for the Microsite