CatalystCreativ is thrilled at the chance to support Town Residential and we plan to tell your story in a way that forges authentic connections with potential buyers, making them feel supported and at home throughout the whole process. Our approach to working with Town includes:

  1. Content Strategy & Social Media

  2. Website Audit & Communications

Content & Social Media Strategy:

CatalystCreativ will work with your team to devise a content & social media strategy that will compellingly tell your story externally, and effectively support your processes internally.

Our team takes a balanced approach to communications. We will curate content that shows the human side of Town to forge emotional connections, but is supported by metrics and analytics that ensure we are making adequate progress. 

Services include:

  • Overarching brand content and strategy that promotes the human story of Town, forges emotional connections with your audience, and differentiates you from other real estate stakeholders

  • Establish a voice and storytelling arc unique to Town Residential

    • Provide corresponding tone guidelines tailored to each channel of communication

  • Regularly ideate and execute campaigns that allow users to engage around the core elements of Town's ethos

    • Focus on storytelling, engaging the buyer, and UGC

  • Copywriting of new blog content, and ghostwriting when applicable

  • Social media content tailored per social channel

  • Data tracking & performance analysis

  • Paid vs organic growth assessment

  • Real-time strategy pivots

  • KPI establishment & measurement

Website Audit & Communications

CatalystCreativ sees your website as one of your most valuable storytelling tools. Our team will ensure that your website is in alignment with the social media and content we produce. Our goal is to provide a cohesive and compelling digital presence to showcase the elements that comprise your brand ethos.

*This is an ancillary service to compliment your website build and ensure cohesion with your digital strategy.

Services include:

  • Synthesis to streamline all communications

    • Internal content audit

    • Synthesis of the most important communications

    • Re-housing of secondary information

  • Recommendations for strategic alignment with the content and social media strategy
    • Campaign integration and landing page suggestions
    • Storytelling audit and recommendations
    • Tone & voice guidelines to match content strategy

Measuring Success

  • Weekly call with the team to provide support, answer questions, generate new ideas, and evaluate performance

  • Email acquisition

  • New clients

  • Traffic to website  

  • Organic press coverage and mentions

  • Sentiment and positive affinity

  • Community growth on social channels

Suggested Retainer

June 21st - September 21st: $10,000 per month for all services in this scope.