The Opportunity:

At its core, WeWork stands for forging meaningful human connections, empowering people to do the work they love, and supporting creators in all walks of life. Consumers are hungry for just this type of authentic interaction with a brand, and CatalystCreativ would be thrilled to help spread your message.

CatalystCreativ has ample experience curating engaging speaker series for a variety of audiences, and we're confident that we could build a roster just as exciting and innovative as the WeWork brand itself.


  1. Curate speakers for activations in Washington D.C., Tysons, Chicago, & Boston
  2. Devise a strategy to integrate speakers into other WeWork activations such as the Future of Work and She Leads
  3. Provide relevant, diverse, engaging speakers your team will be excited about
  4. Capture the attention of your guests and inspire them to take action
  5. Utilize speakers to enhance the ethos and offerings of the WeWork brand

Past Work

CatalystCreativ has an extensive background in speaker curation and programming support. A brief overview of our most notable events and speakers includes

  1. Life is Beautiful Festival "Ideas" speaker series
  2. Catalyst & Creativ Weeks speaker series
  3. BBYO series to engage teen leaders

Life is Beautiful Festival

Each year, CatalystCreativ curates the Ideas speaker series at Life is Beautiful Festival, a 3 day celebration of music, art, food, and ideas that takes over 18 blocks of Downtown Las Vegas. It is the largest inner-city music festival in the country.

Over the past five years, CatalystCreativ has brought a mix of recognizable names and emerging leaders to share their ideas in fields as diverse as the internet of things, sustainability, the entertainment industry, trans rights, and more. We've filled stages that host 10,000 screaming fans, as well as more intimate settings that seat 100. Past speakers include:

  • RuPaul, Actor & Host of "RuPaul's Drag Race"
  • Bill Nye, Netflix Star, Educator, & Engineer
  • Pussy Riot, International Feminist Punk Group
  • Stacy London, Writer & Star of "What Not to Wear"
  • Rosario Dawson, Actress & Producer
  • Joe DeSena, CEO of Spartan Race
  • Rich Roll, Ultra Endurance Athlete & Author
  • Maya Watson, Director of Marketing for the Oprah Winfrey Network
  • Caitlin Crosby, Founder of The Giving Keys
  • Justin Baldoni, Actor & Producer
  • Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos
  • Kimbal Musk, Entrepreneur & Environmentalist
  • Kat Graham, Actress & Model
  • Geena Rocero, Model & Trans Activist

Full case study here.

Catalyst & Creativ Weeks

CatalystCreativ brought 250 thought leaders and 2,000 influencers from around the nation to Downtown Las Vegas to share a week of inspiration and empowerment. Each week was geared either towards Catalysts or Creativs (although there's certainly plenty overlap!), and brought workshops, breakouts, and an engaging speaker series including:

  • Harry Shum Jr, Actor from Glee & Shadowhunters

  • John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market

  • Amy Joe Martin, Founder of Digital Royalty

  • IN-Q, Award Winning Spoken Word Poet

  • Casey Caplowe, Co-Founder of GOOD Corps

  • Preston Smiles, Author & Founder of the Love Mob

  • Jairek Robbins, Motivational Speaker & Son of Tony Robbins

  • Tony Collins, Former NFL Running Back

  • Thomas McLeod, Founder of Omni

  • Mike de la Rocha, Founder of Revolve Impact

  • Jen Rubio, Co-Founder of Away Luggage

  • Michael Karnjanaprakorn, CEO of Skillshare

  • Simon Sinek, Best-Selling Author

    Full case study here.


BBYO is an organization that empowers teen leaders, and CatalystCreativ was brought on to provide interesting speakers for their 2016 International Convention. We curated a panel of recognizable names that could hold the attention of a room of teens while still delivering a meaningful message. Speakers included:

  • Casey Neistat, Youtube Star & Co-Founder of Beme
  • Geena Rocero,  Model & Trans Activist
  • Justin Baldoni, Actor & Producer of My Last Days
  • Claire Wineland, Youtube Star, Motivational Speaker, & Star of My Last Days

Full case study here.

Scope of Work

CatalystCreativ will provide the following services

  1. Curate a strong speaker lineup for Washington D.C., Tysons, Chicago, & Boston
  2. Devise a strategy to integrate speakers into the fabric of other WeWork Events
  3. Speaker strategy & outreach
  4. Speaker acquisition & management
  5. Speaker training & preparation
  6. Maintain a detailed budget for the speaker series


Our proposed budget is a monthly retainer of $7,500 which includes:

  1. A monthly fee of $5,000 for labor & staff allocation
  2. A monthly fee of $2,500 for the sensitive nature of making requests within our network and the limitation this puts on making future business requests

Additional services for $5,000 a month include: 

  1. Digital strategy around the speaker experiences, such as:
    1. Ad strategy
    2. Social media strategy tailored for each channel
    3. User experience and communications integration on the website
    4. Email strategy

*Please note that this is a discounted rate to be booked in conjunction with the trade value below

Additional services free of charge for trade value:

  1. Day rate for on-the-ground speaker management, waived with the trade of 4 WeWork Designated Desk Memberships
    1. 2 in Custom House Portland, 1 in New York, 1 in Philadelphia


Thank you!

We are thrilled at the chance to support and contribute to WeWork's vision.