Our Methodology

It’s what sets us apart.

We believe audience engagement increases when brands create experiences that use the world as a classroom. This in mind, our team designs customized curriculums for brands to activate consumers. Our end goal is for consumers to feel inspired, better the world and extend your brand’s story. This success guarantees double the ROI for your brand: return on investment and ripple of impact.

With a Master’s in Education and Curriculum, our Founder Amanda Slavin developed the 7 Levels of Engagement. CatalystCreativ now uses this educational methodology to strategically engage targeted consumers - Millennials & Gen Z in particular.

Why are you hiring us?

Today, people interact with brands in 360 degrees - from physical to digital spaces - and their consumer habits are influenced by the impact and indelibility of their brand experiences. We know just how to create a captive audience out of the disengaged by redesigning the look, the voice and the experience of your brand to inspire its consumers.

Trust us, we’re Millennials. We value CSR and the profit motive; we believe that doing good and making money do not have to be mutually exclusive. More and more consumers are paying attention to and spending their money with companies that care about the social good. We haven’t missed the boat on this important movement. In fact, we’re sailors on it, so hop aboard with us.