We believe in the power of engagement to unlock potential and transform organizations.

We are CatalystCreativ.

We’re a brand consulting firm that specializes in elevating your business’s engagement through design, experiences, and marketing strategy.

Through our proprietary engagement framework, The Seventh Level, we help you connect more deeply with your passive customers—to turn them into brand loyalists and advocates.

The Seventh Level is the highest level of engagement—where two parties’ core beliefs align. And when you engage with an audience at the Seventh Level, your message goes beyond resonating. It inspires, empowers, and drives brand evangelism.

Why we want to work with you:

We can support you in building your business from the inside out, by teaching your team the power of engagement. You’ll learn how to leverage it in everything you do to grow your bottom line. We’ll start by teaching you our process, and then execute on what we collaboratively decide is best for your brand.


Our method:

Our work is fully informed by the Seventh Level, our proprietary framework that defines levels of human engagement, and provides a roadmap for catalyzing your most passive customers into passionate champions of your brand.

Our method focuses on activating your internal customers (your employees) and then spanning out to activate your external customers into brand advocates:


1. We listen to & educate your internal allies.


2. We rally your team around the innovative outcomes.


3. We develop & execute a creative strategy true to your DNA.



Our Team

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Founder & CEO

Dog Lover | Avid Traveler | Spice Enthusiast

Based in: New York, NY

I work on: Strategy, ideation, high-level project management, client services, business development, culture 

Something surprising: I lost my voice in first grade from talking too much, and went to speech lessons to learn how to properly breathe between sentences.

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SVP, Managing Partner

Southern Gentleman | Global Traveler | Entertaining Expert

Based in: New York, NY

I work on: Event design & production (and often as the team therapist) 

Something surprising: I start getting anxious if I spend more than 10 nights in the same place. 

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ALEY Allen

Director, Marketing & Content Strategy

Beach Lover | Snowboarding Junkie | Adventure Seeker

Based in: Las Vegas, NV

I work on: Strategy, project management, vendor management and client relations

Something surprising: I used to wrangle alligators and train panthers.


Creativ Director

Logo Fanatic | Sports Guy | UConn Alum

Based in: New York, NY

I work on: Strategy & execution of all design and website projects, creative ideation, client and project management

Something surprising: I’m a huge Belieber.

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Director of Business Development

Pancake Lover | Sports Enthusiast | Dachshund Whisperer

Based in: Florham Park, NJ

I work on: Business development, team motivation, corporate planning

Something surprising: I met my best friend in camp at the age of 12, and we’re still going strong.


Director of Operations

Taco Connoisseur | Super Mom | Beach Enthusiast

Based in: Fort Worth, TX

I work on: Finances, human resources/payroll, contracts

Something surprising: I spent one summer working as a detasseler in the glorious Nebraska cornfields.