We enable connection - anywhere.

CatalystCreativ is an experiential marketing agency with expertise in marketing, events and design. A nimble and creative team, we live, work and create all over the country - so we’re never too far from your audience, no matter how many cities they call home. We take a hands and hearts on approach to all of our clients and their work, whether it’s serving as an extension of your organization, educating your team about our proprietary “Seven Levels of Engagement” philosophy, or recommending our favorite restaurants when you’re travelling. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, as we’d love to get to know you!

Why work with us?

We believe that brands are the best teachers in the world, they just need the right curriculum to teach their consumers about what they value. We see advertising as a tool for cultivating the highest levels of engagement with your consumers.


So how do we approach the problem from a new angle?

We create campaigns & events that work

by tapping into your greatest resource - your team. The people who work for you live your brand story.


We craft customized workshops

to holistically understand your organization and develop reflective creative solutions.


1. We listen to & educate your internal allies.


2. We rally your team around the innovative outcomes.


3. We develop & execute a creative strategy true to your DNA.



Our Team

Asset 57.png


Founder & CEO

Dog Lover | Avid Traveler | Spice Enthusiast

Based in: New York, NY

I work on: Strategy, ideation, high-level project management, client services, business development, culture 

Something surprising: I lost my voice in first grade from talking too much, and went to speech lessons to learn how to properly breathe between sentences.

Asset 57.png


SVP, Managing Partner

Southern Gentleman | Global Traveler | Entertaining Expert

Based in: New York, NY

I work on: Event design & production (and often as the team therapist) 

Something surprising: I start getting anxious if I spend more than 10 nights in the same place. 

Asset 57.png


Creativ Director

Logo Fanatic | Sports Guy | UConn Alum

Based in: New York, NY

I work on: Strategy & execution of all design and website projects, creative ideation, client and project management

Something surprising: I’m a huge Belieber.

Asset 54.png


Director of Business Development

Pancake Lover | Sports Enthusiast | Dachshund Whisperer

Based in: Florham Park, NJ

I work on: Business development, team motivation, corporate planning

Something surprising: I met my best friend in camp at the age of 12, and we’re still going strong.

Asset 55.png


Director, Marketing & Content Strategy

Beach Lover | Snowboarding Junkie | Adventure Seeker

Based in: Las Vegas, NV

I work on: Strategy, project management, vendor management and client relations

Something surprising: I used to wrangle alligators and train panthers.

Asset 58.png


Communication Manager

Mountain Scaler | Amateur Chef | Sheepdog Devotee

Based in: Portland, OR

I work on: Copywriting, communications, content creation and account management

Something surprising: I’ve trained 11 seeing eye dogs.

Asset 56.png


Graphic Designer

Aesthetics Aficionado | Impatient Nomad | Scotch Sipper

Based in: Seattle, WA

I work on: Leading/supporting on all design projects, creative ideation, internal branding

Something surprising: In my year of post-grad travel I spent 111 nights on couches, and will never take my bed for granted again.

Asset 80@4x.png

sarah peerani

Account Manager

Outdoor Enthusiast l Chronic Planner l French Fry Expert

Based in: Denver, CO

I work on: Account management, strategy, communications, content creation, and project management

Something surprising: "Bella" is actually my middle name and not just a cute AOL screenname from the 90s. 

Asset 55.png


Director of Operations

Taco Connoisseur | Super Mom | Beach Enthusiast

Based in: Las Vegas, NV

I work on: Finances, human resources/payroll, contracts

Something surprising: I spent one summer working as a destasseler in the glorious Nebraska cornfields.