Communications + Marketing Campaigns

Biossance is a subsidiary CPG brand of Amyris, the biotech company most known for creating a revolutionary malaria treatment with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Biossance tasked CatalystCreativ with creating a viral campaign to promote the 2,000 harmful ingredients banned from their products to protect their consumers and the health of our planet.

Internal Services

  • Brand Acupuncture Workshop to align internal needs and direction

  • Internal Strategy Sessions to conceive of and optimize a digital campaign

External Services

  • Curated and executed the #2000Reasons campaign

  • Strategized content, PR, and brand partner strategies



  • Secured participation from over 2,000 microinfluencers

  • Achieved 11.2 million impressions

  • Saw above average engagement of 7%

  • Instagram growth of over 3.7k organic followers in 5 weeks