Life is Beautiful

Event Production + Programming

Life is Beautiful Festival, the largest inner city music festival in the world, tasked us with changing the way they connected with their fans. Their goal was to transform their brand from a once-a-year festival to an authentic movement inspires people to transform their own local communities each day.

Internal Services

  • Internal Brand Acupuncture workshops to optimize their team and resources

  • Internal Strategy Sessions and consulting with the executive team for a cohesive communication strategy

External Services

  • Created an effective sponsorship strategy

  • Developed the entire Ideas speaker series and curated over 100 speakers, as well as developed its theme and messaging




  • Secured sponsorship from Barnes & Noble, Dos Equis, UPS, Bacardi, Zappos, Pandora, Jack Daniels, & more

  • Booked and trained impactful speakers such as Stacy London, RuPaul, Bill Nye, Tony Hsieh, Pussy Riot, & Rosario Dawson

  • Authored the official Life is Beautiful Festival manifesto, narrated by Andra Day & Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons

  • Designed an impactful, inspirational ethos that led the Festival to sell out in 90 minutes in it’s 5th year