Google Beauty Redefined

Event Production, Event Identity

CatalystCreativ was thrilled to partner with Google in order to create an experience that industry leaders would be scrambling to attend year after year.


Our goals were to:

Position Google as the definitive thought leader in tech and beauty, host the must-attend event in the beauty industry, entertain and educate attendees about leveraging tech and data, and amplify important conversations surrounding tech, customization and beauty.


And we made a splash! Outcomes included:

  • Produced a highly-engaging experience that was widely praised by attendees

  • Curated a theme that seamlessly connected all aspects of the event, from catering to design, to the theme -- customization

  • Captured valuable digital content that will bolster the Google Beauty brand

  • Catalyzed important connections and dialogues between Google and the leading beauty brands

  • Fostered powerful conversations as an alternative to a stale, typical conference structure